The Custom Experience

The creation of a one of a kind originally designed gown, is an exclusive and luxurious experience. Working one on one with Austin Scarlett, a custom gown is made from start to finish, just for you, in the New York atelier.


During the preliminary design consultation, ideas for materials, silhouette, and overall style are discussed.  Austin will then create preliminary design sketches. From these preliminary sketches, fabric options, design details, and embellishments are explored and measurements are taken.


Many times, Austin and his custom couture client are able to finalize a design in a single consultation. Occasionally, additional meetings are required based on the complexity of the design. If a client is unavailable to come to the New York atelier, Austin can meet with clients while visiting on a trunk show or via Skype.


Final sketches, fabric swatches and any other samples needed are then submitted for approval, and the actual creation of the dress begins. An individual pattern is made to the client’s specific measurements and the unique style of the design.


From there, a toile or first muslin mock-up is prepared for a fitting.  During the first muslin fitting, adjustments may be made and the pattern is perfected as required. The dress is then cut in the actual fabric. If working remotely, the muslin will need to be fitted somewhere near the client’s home, then returned to the atelier.


The second fitting is done with the partially assembled dress and without any embellishments in order to make any minor adjustments and to perfect fit and length.  At that point, final touches are given and the dress is completed.  Since every custom gown is unique, the number of fittings needed can vary.


A final fitting usually requires no further adjustments. The dress is carefully packed and delivered to the client.